Nov 12, 2007

zander vt - FAR FROM JADED 12" (bpitch)

listen to
a1: far from jaded
a2: jaded
b: after the crash


studio burned down, no electricity, nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure ... but then finally a track that rises like a phoenix and gives new hope, trust and happyness. everything will be fine. new studio, new track, new energy. techno is bouncing and so are zander vt.

far from jaded (a1) has been retreated, like the studio. this track was already used for a mix by ellen allien for the italian magazine trend and gives off the perfect dave clark / red one feeling. the chords are being ridden like an old warhorse, again and again, neverending. but of course they don’t give up - they are chords! zander vt go storm and stress.

storm and stress in jaded as well - not as much as in the other tracks, but still there. in a more romantic way. no bass drums but floating, chintzy pads. techno romance for old gentlemen and young at hearts who get lost in strobe light

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