Jun 23, 2006

John Lord Fonda - Debaser2

A peine quelques mois après la sortie de son 1er album solo, John Lord Fonda aka Cyril Thevenard ressort sa galette 100% tueries : Debaser2 (citizen records/nocture).

Avec cette fois : scratch massive remix, alan braxe remix, et autres versions surprises.

Debaser2 (citizen records/nocture), the 1st solo LP re-edit, by John Lord Fonda aka Cyril Thevenard !!! With scratch massive remix, alan braxe remix,...and surprising new versions.


Jun 22, 2006

Modern Heads - Paper Toys EP

After the collaborations with the rising star Donato Dozzy on Elettronica Romana (e.r.005) and the discographic debut of Rossella with e.r.007, the Modern Heads are now ripe for their first EP as solists.

The result is Paper Toys EP, a project founded on three tracks that come loose, carve out, stick
together as a paper toy.

01. Toy - open the box with an hypnotic groove, deep with paper sounds that seem to cut the air.

02. Cartoon - collects the work made and take the cut line and defined, joins together them, colours them, and gives them the movement, but all finishes for disappearing and here is now.

03. Puzzle - for throwing down the infinite, into the deep and collect the pieces of an immense mosaic.

Modern Heads crew is a fusion between the sound of Dino Sabatini and
Gianluca Meloni, musicians and Dj-producers with years of experience in electronic music, with the videos of Davide Alaimo, roman Vj. Inspired by the big beat of the Chemical Brothers and the jazz-rock of the last Miles Davis !

Paschen back EP - Elettronica Romana
Pathology EP - Elettronica Romana
Gliding EP - Meadow Lark

Listen and buy


Jun 21, 2006

Crowdpleaser & St.Plomb - 2006

Crowdpleaser & St.Plomb - "2006", sur le label suisse : Mental Groove, mixant allègrement techno, minimal, microhouse, abstract et ambient - élu meilleur album techno de l'année par Pitchfork.

Crowdpleaser & St.Plomb, 2006 - tracklist
02.New Times Roman
03.Mardi Gras
04.Cash on Time
05.1er Mai
09.18 Years

Heiko Laux - Kanzleramt - vol.6

6ème volume de la compile du label berlinois : KANZLERAMT RECORDS, remixé par Heiko Laux.

Tracks already out in EP & new hits.

Heiko Laux, Kanzleramt vol6 - tracklist

01 - JOEL MULL - Reminder (original) (ka127)


03 - OFFSHORE FUNK - Mega bit me (SPIRIT CATCHER Way Of Life Mix) (ka124)

04 - JOEL MULL - Reminder (medley from HLX-, OSF & rayconstructed mix) (ka127)

05 - RAY KAJIOKA - Heat (ka126)

06 - ALEXANDER KOWALSKI & JORIS VOORN - She´s Worth It (ka121)

07/08 - OFFSHORE FUNK - Offshoot (medley from Discoabstechermix von PETER KRUDER (ka129)* & DIEGO´s - Corporal

09 - OFFSHORE FUNK - Mega bit me (IAN O‘BRIEN Mix) (ka124)

10 - RAY KAJIOKA - Steam (ka126)
11 - PAUL MAC - Jump Rope (ka122)

12 - RAY KAJIOKA Fresh (ka126)

13 - DIEGO - tba (ka130)*

Kistuné - Maison 2

Les labels Ed Banger, Institubes & Kistuné sont souvent cités comme promoteurs de la French touch 2 (cf. stylus magazine). Point commun : rien que des tueries et un son hautement house-killer, hérité pour grande partie des Daft Punk dans les 90s. Chacun des 3 se distingue néanmoins des autres.

, label franco-japonais lié à Daft Punk par Gildas
Loaec, sort sa Maison vol.2. Boys Noize aka Kid Alex remixe Bloc Party, Simian joue les Hustler, Adam Sky est Adamski,etc.

Kistuné, Maison 2 - tracklist

01 Wolfmother - Woman - Mstrkrft Remix

02 Bloc Party - Banquet(Boys Noize Vox Mix)

03 Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys

04 Azzido Da Bass - Lonely By Your Side - Featuring Johnny Blake

05 Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone - Jk Dub

06 Digitalism - Jupiter Room - Martian Assault Edit

07 Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
08 Christopher And Raphael Just - Popper - Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit
09 Fox N` Wolf - Claws Against Knifes - Todd Terje Remi

10 Adam Sky - Ape-x

11 Popular Computer - Next Level Pope

12 Kaos - Cerebral Tremolo - Brennan Green Edit

13 Jenny Wilson - Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward


Jun 20, 2006

Villa Rouge 3 - Vitalic - Citizen

Villa Rouge 3 (Citizen records), remixed by Laurent Air & Didier Limonet - out now.

Le 3ème volet de la compile Villa Rouge (Montpellier) est une tuerie big kick en 13 tracks - et sort sur le label de Vitalic aka Pascal Arbez : Citizen Records.

Aux côtés des intimes de Citizen : John Lord Fonda, Schokers, The Hacker, Shockers, les figures allemandes les plus confirmées : Ellen Allien, T.Schumacher, mais également les fringants Digitalism de Kistuné, le danois qui monte : Trentemoller (en attendant son album solo), Chloé (dont le 1er album est attendu pour 2007) en duo avec Alex Kid...

A savoir : JLF vient de sortir DeBaSer 2, une réédition du 1 sous pochette rouge sang, avec des bonus, dont un Scratch Massive Rmx.

Vitalic rrééedite son 1er album : cheval au galop + raz-de-marée = Ok Cowboy re-edit collector, avec ses nombreux remix, dont le repair machines version disco mix - sortie le 3 juillet.

Villa Rouge 3 (Citizen records) - tracklist

1. Digitalism Remix Sono - A new cage
T. Shumascher - Heat it up
Trentemoller - Physical attraction
Vitalic - No fun repair machine mix
Ellen Allien - Magma
Scratch Massive - Girls on top
The Hacker - Flesh and bone
Alex Kid & Chloe - Afterblaster
John Lord Fonda - Personnal Jesus
Mono Surround - Cocked locked (ready to cock)
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Go ahead
Alex Millan
Yukseek - At the drive in

Jun 13, 2006

Chloé / Ivan Smagghe - The Dysfunctional Family

Confusion des genres & trouble electro !
Genders confusion & electro trouble !

The Dysfunctional Family (Kill the dj)
by Chloé & Ivan Smagghe, Djs at Le Pulp, and so many clubs in the world.
With sound of Water Lilly (Lasergun rec.) , Botox (Cosmo Vitelli+Julien Briffaz from Tekel), Louderbach aka Troy Pierce...

Ivan Smagghe is also half of Black Strobe, with Arnaud Rebotini.

The Dysfunctional Family - tracklist

01. Planningtorock - Death Dreams
02 Daypack - Close Your Eyes

03. Enik - Why Do You Love Me - Brike Remix
04. 2000 And One - Get Down - Shinedoe Remix
05. Egoexpress - The Fool Of The New City 06 Musicargo - One Way Ticket
07. Jason Edwards - Codeine
08. Botox - Hummer Party
09. Louderbach - Grace - Anxiety

10. Wighnomy Brothers - Wombat
11. Water Lilly - Dissidance - T.anderson Rmx

12. Remote - Teaser 13 Point B - After Burns
14. Billy Childish & Holy Golightly - Let Me Know You

check their MySpace : www.myspace.com/killthedj

Jun 12, 2006

Para One - Ephipanie

Para One, le surdoué de l'electro hip hop qui tue - producteur de TTC, remixeur de Daft Punk - sort son 1er album solo : Ephipanie (Institubes).

Epiphanie is out now - 1st solo album of electro hip hop french artist - Para One - known as remixer Daft Punk & producer of TTC (Institubes).

Para One kiffe le broken beats, l'electronica, la musique classique, & le clubbing - et son album est un slalom géant.

check his space : www.myspace.com/paraone
check his label space :

radio playlist - june, 10

01. Water Lilly - Dissidance (Tomas Andersson Remix)
02. Para One - midnight swim
03. System Of Survival - Nuday
04. Louderbach - Cover Your Face
05. Extrawelt - Fernweh (Short Edit)

06. Savas Pascalidis - Saigon Nightmare (Frank Martiniq Mix)

07. Elbee Bad - Reality Check (Tekel Mix)
08. Marcin Czubala - Johnny 11 Fingers (Metope Mix)

09. Tekel - Tutut

10. Savas Pascalidis - Hounted House (Misc. Mix)

all these tracks appear on LPs :
  • para one - epiphanie (Institubes)
  • lasergun 2 compilation (Lasergun)
  • tekel - tekel (Initial Cuts)

Jun 5, 2006

Tim Paris - Marketing Music

Tim Paris (Crack & Speed), crée en 2005 Marketing Music, sur lequel on retrouve : Jef K, Icube Botox (Cosmo Vitelli + Julien Briffaz de TEKEL).

After building up a dj reputation in ¨parisian underground circles, doing parties with Jef K, Chloé, Alexkid and Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris teamed up with Jef K to help him develop the now infamous Crack & Speed label. Working the dancefloor but also developing his skills in the studio, Tim Paris had his first breakthrough with the remix of a rock tune called “Future Now” that had been picked up by Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision label and become one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004. From there Tim Paris didn’t stop but continued to release quality tracks and remixes. Now based in London, Tim Paris started in 2005 his own label, again with Jef K, 'Marketing Music' and is considered by both DJs and press as one to watch in a very near future.

Bo’Tox, is a fresh french new band formed by Benjamin Boguet aka Cosmo Vitelli - who doesnt need any more introduction by now - and Julien Briffaz, half member of another (!) fresh french new band : TEKEL.

Tim Paris - Dj set playlist, March06,
broadcasted on Elektroselektion radio session :

01- Botox - Crashed Cadillac (I am a Cliché)
02- Remote - Teaser (KillTheDj)
03- Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Schrierker Kreisel (Traum Schallplatten)
04- Fransisco - Esplanade 97 (Nature Records)
05- Pompom - n°23
06- Phonique - Gaga - TimParis remix (Moodmusic)
07- Hug - Fluteorgie (K2 Kompakt)
08- Ame, Dixon et Henrik Swcharzk - Where We At? mix 2 (Innervisions)
09- Ben Klock - Arjuna (Memo 02)
10- Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say Isolé - Speak and Spell remix (Sister Phunk/Topplers)
11- Nathan Fake - Charlies House Apparat remix (Bordercommunity)
12- Dj Koze - Estrella (Kompakt)