Jun 24, 2007

arwid - flashback EP (bpitch 155)

a. flashback
b. fiasko
out on : 30.07.06

le bpitch 155 est signé Arwid a.k.a Christian Quast (Safari Electronique, Glückskind Schallplatten, IronboxMusic, Kickboxer and Zyx Music, neopren, ...).

Arwid aka Christian Quast found his way to electronic music in the young age of thirteen and
experimented with music software on Commodore C-64 and later on the good old Amiga 500.
Caused by lots of long nights at Hamburg’s clubs, especially the UNIT, his affection to technoid sounds developed more and more and resulted, in 1999, in first steps to his own music studio.
He played first live acts starting in 1995 with the project Aural Seduction and later with Propan
and released several records on Safari Electronique, Glückskind Schallplatten, IronboxMusic,
Kickboxer and Zyx Music. Now it’s time for his first release on BPitch Control.

It starts off with straight beats and some scattered sounds only, but then develops a hypnotic melody, that turns into a bass sequenz in the middle of the track.

www.myspace.com/christian quast

Jun 5, 2007

Paul Kalkbrenner - Altes Kamuffel (bpc153)

en attendant l'album, prévu pour cette année !

Like Sascha Funke Paul Kalkbrenner benefits from his temporary stay in the South-French Aix-en- Provence. Both producers work there tirelessly in their studio and enjoy “la vie francaise”
along the way.

Paul’s new tracks are, as usual, first class techno burners.
“Altes Kamuffel” starts off with a soft and trancy synth line, almost romantic, is infiltrated by astraight beat and then goes off like BUM.The bass hits your stomach, the clap drills crisply into your sinuses and the high, playful synth warms up your heart.

THE track for the peak of a club
night. “Ick muss aus dit Milieu heraus” (meaning “I gotta get out of this milieu”) on the opposite is there right away but nevertheless builds up continously. Even with a longer break in the middle of the track that gives you the chance to catch your breath, you can’t really stop - more, more, more ... And the bassdrum again!
Beside this production, Paul is working intensively on the film music for his movie by Hannes
Stoehr, in which he will also play the main character. He’ll start shooting this summer already!