Jul 5, 2007

Minilogue "space ep" + Piemont "sympathetic ep"

TRAUM V89 Minilogue – Space EP
out on 06.August.2007

Minilogue´s fifth release on Traum, including the remixes, is undoubtful another giant step, this time into space! The title track "Space" is a gigantic voyage and a symphonic firework of melodic stabs and rhythmic build ups. You never know in which direction the track might turn as it has an organic feel and flow to it which can be described as psychedelic. "Star Command" on the flipside is an ambient piece of sound more linear, quiet and introvert... revealing Minilogue´s interest in experimental electronic music.

MBF 12034 Piemont - Sympathetic
on 20 august 2007.

After Piemont´s big success with their debut 12" "Carbonat" on MBF, F. Möring-Sack delivers a big time follow up. The driving baseline and massive Moroder sequences make the title track "Sympathetic" an electro house peak time tune. The break down features the melodic stabs that collect the energy before the heavy beat of Piemont returns to rock. "Sick Certificate“ shows the flipside of their musical talent, similar to their debut on MBF

Jul 4, 2007

villa rouge 4 - mixed by Jun-X (citizen/nocturne)

«pour la seconde année, Citizen records propose la compilation de la villa rouge, avec cette fois-ci un challenge, celui d’avoir un track-listing de morceaux quasi-exclusif, on y retrouve donc un remix de roman flugel, le producteur du tube get nocht, le duo anglais Xpress 2 remixé par le mythique Carl Craig, et des morceaux crées spécialement pour la compil par la creme de le «French nouvelle vague» a savoir Yuksek, matzak, jun- X, Julian jewell, Charlie FanClub....ou encore alex millan et Lorentair Don’t miss the reall sensation ! »


1. Petter - Some Polyphony
2. Matzak - Blackout
3. Julien Jeweil - Air Conditionné
4. Jun-x «Bambarama»
5. Hugotron ˆ Superkiller
6. Audion - Mouth to Mouth
7. Riton - Hammer of Thor (Roman Fluegel remix)
8. Monosurround «WE»
9. Remote «Sinister Boogie»
10. Charlie Fanclub «Acid killed my cat»
11. Kiki - Trust me
12. Yuksek «Matcho»
13. Teenage bad girl «Cocotte»(boysnoize rework)
14. X Press 2 - Kill 100 (Carl Craig remix)
15. Alex millan & lorentair
16. Solead «NDSArmX»
17. Fixmer McCarthy «Free Fall» The Hacker remix
18. Depeche Mode - Everything count (Olivier Huntermann & Bodzin remix)
19. Daft Punk «technologic» remix vitalic
20. Philippe Katerine - Louxor J’adore