Nov 21, 2007

Gabriel Ananda & Dominik Eulberg : Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee bei Gabriel (TRAUM V93)

out on 03. December 2007

2nd collaboration between these two artists on Traum. Their Harzer Roller 12" was the result of a trip to the Germanys mountain range, the Harz. The story behind this release is based on Dominik Eulberg´s visits to his friend Gabriel Ananda. The weekly visits have become somewhat of a ritual meeting at Gabriel´s factory for some cherry flavoured Danish pastry & jasmine tea. Both top exports of German techno internationally, touring heavily around the globe, these two musicians have always been different to many others seeking the urban live with all it´s extremes... these two draw their strength from the domestic and private set up. To forget about everything that seems to be important and just to communicate with each other was their idea.

Track list
A. NGC 101

B. Supernova

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Steve said...

I really like your blog. Great breakdowns of releases. Keep up the good work!