Nov 21, 2007

Gabriel Ananda & Dominik Eulberg : Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee bei Gabriel (TRAUM V93)

out on 03. December 2007

2nd collaboration between these two artists on Traum. Their Harzer Roller 12" was the result of a trip to the Germanys mountain range, the Harz. The story behind this release is based on Dominik Eulberg´s visits to his friend Gabriel Ananda. The weekly visits have become somewhat of a ritual meeting at Gabriel´s factory for some cherry flavoured Danish pastry & jasmine tea. Both top exports of German techno internationally, touring heavily around the globe, these two musicians have always been different to many others seeking the urban live with all it´s extremes... these two draw their strength from the domestic and private set up. To forget about everything that seems to be important and just to communicate with each other was their idea.

Track list
A. NGC 101

B. Supernova

Nov 12, 2007

zander vt - FAR FROM JADED 12" (bpitch)

listen to
a1: far from jaded
a2: jaded
b: after the crash


studio burned down, no electricity, nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure ... but then finally a track that rises like a phoenix and gives new hope, trust and happyness. everything will be fine. new studio, new track, new energy. techno is bouncing and so are zander vt.

far from jaded (a1) has been retreated, like the studio. this track was already used for a mix by ellen allien for the italian magazine trend and gives off the perfect dave clark / red one feeling. the chords are being ridden like an old warhorse, again and again, neverending. but of course they don’t give up - they are chords! zander vt go storm and stress.

storm and stress in jaded as well - not as much as in the other tracks, but still there. in a more romantic way. no bass drums but floating, chintzy pads. techno romance for old gentlemen and young at hearts who get lost in strobe light

Nov 1, 2007

Niederflur (minus)

Inspired by the mechanical cadence of Cologne's subway system, Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner (a.k.a. NIEDERFLUR) probe the depths of the underground transit system with MiniDisc recorders in hand. The duo name each of their tracks after stations on the subway line and sample everything from the pulsing rhythms of the trains to the disembodied recordings announcing the passengers' whereabouts. With their new source materials, Niederflur (German for low-floor tram) turn the esoteric sounds of the subway into some of the most innovative music in minimal techno today.

V.A Expansion | Contraction (minus)

Expansion | Contraction
out on : 2007-11-01

V.A : Plastikman, Heartthrob, Dubfire, Gaiser, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, JPLS.

Of the continuing themes found throughout the music released on MINUS, one constant exploration is the relationship between Sound and Silence. Within the stripped down but dimensional outcome there exists a polarity that is neither controlled nor accidental, where life imitates art in between the notes. The act of finding inspiration from a sonic molecule or the inaudible space around that element is the nature of EXPANSION | contraction.

Dubfire (Ali, ex-Deep Dish) enters the EXPANSION with the tremendous “Emissions”. This is his first track to be released on Minus and is the culmination of his gravitation towards the Minus sound cemented by a friendship over the years with label head Richie Hawtin. Gaiser again hits the mark with “Mute”, which captures the excitement of his storming live shows throughout 2007 and is taken from the sessions that spawned his forthcoming double pack release “Eye Contact” (M54).

Currently 'on fire' Marc Houle continues his own musical expansion with “Porch”, following up and going beyond his “Extreme” (Items and Things 02) and the monstrous “Techno Vocals/On It” (M50) double-header.

Plastikman's “Risk Assessment” begins the contraction with a simmering builder of a track guaranteed to disconcert even the most sonically prepared of listeners. Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob is right back on form and contributes the growling funk beast that is “Roundabout”. While JPLS's “Isolate” contracts further and establishes him as one of the darker elements on the Minus roster, his soon-come Minus EP “Fuckshuffle” (M57) bears testament to his highly developed sound.

Troy Pierce's gargantuan “Oxytocin” (CD only) takes up the gauntlet thrown down by his own twisted “Gone Astray” (M52) release from the summer, and wraps up the CD somewhere exactly in-between the concept where EXPANSION | contraction first started.

1. Plastikman - Risk Assessment
2. Heartthrob - Roundabout
3. Dubfire - Emissions
4. Gaiser - Mute
5. Marc Houle - Porch
6. Troy Pierce - Oxytocin
7. JPLS – Isolate