May 24, 2007

Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann (dial)

Depuis ses débuts avec l’album « Joni » en 2001, Phillip Sollmann développe son projet Efdemin sur l'excellent label DIAL (carsten jones, lawrence, pantha du prince, pigon)

« Bergwein » (Dial 30) est devenu un tube de l’été en 2006 en Allemagne.
depuis, Efdemin a depuis déménagé à Berlin, où il est rapidement devenu résident du fameux club Panoramabar. Il joue également régulièrement avec son ami RNDM au Cityfox de Zurich. Ses remixes et titres pour d’autres labels tels que Liebe*Detail, Curle, Pokerflat, Ladomat, District of Corruption se sont fait remarqués par nombre de Djs dont Laurent Garnier et Steve Bug. 2006 a été pour lui une année décisive et pleine de succès, 2007 sera donc l’année de la confirmation. Les dix titres de son nouvel album varient du minimalisme expérimental à la deep house. Ne manquez pas Efdemin s’il passe près de chez vous, il figure parmi les DJs qui valent le détour…

1. knocking at the grand
2. lohn & brot
3. le ratafia
4. acid bells (album version)
5. back to school
6. stately, yes.
7. further back
8. salix alba
9. april fools
10. bergwein

May 22, 2007

someone else - pen caps and colored pencils

someone else
pen caps and colored pencils

[foundsound-14] double vinyl
[foundsound-cd01] cd

release date: late may 2007

following several acclaimed eps, philadelphia's someone else (sean o'neal) dropped the first two releases on his own foundsound label in 2004. once his tracks became heavily played by the international trendsetting djs we love so much, someone else turned himself into a producing machine and pumped out a countless array of tracks that incorporate his unique sound design -- and with so many remixes under his belt, one might say he's the armand van helden of the minimal scene. several of his tracks and remixes have been featured on mix-cds by djs like richie hawtin, marco carola, steve bug, adam beyer, frank lorber and many others.

we now give you pen caps and colored pencils -- the debut album for both someone else as well as foundsound. the 12-tracker offers a more developed side of someone else. and whether it's mumbling, chanting or downright singing, his own voice is often disfigured and sparsely scattered throughout the album. tracks like "play it kershaw" and "threadbare snare" offer a more stripped-down, tracky and dj-friendly side of his goofball minimalism. "pooty call" is a dark and moving clickhouse gut-stretcher. "funky fromage" and "mi lápiz es amarillo" offer an electro side to the witty frolic. and ditties like "family unties" and "oh sean" (both cd only) dive deep into submerged dubby-ness and laid-back psychedelia.
on pen caps and colored pencils, someone else finally brings his unique, organic, sampladelic style to cd for all electronic music fans, whether they're shaking their booty in a club or listening at home.

tracklisting (cd)

01. lowdown brittle
02. play it kershaw
03. pooty call
04. hedroom eyes
05. curly mouth
06. funky fromage
07. peaches and steam
08. elevator muzak
09. threadbare snare
10. mi lápiz es amarillo
11. family unties
12. oh sean

Tracklisting (vinyl)
a1/ play it kershaw
a2/ threadbare snare
b1/ curly mouth
b2/ peaches and steam
c1/ hedroom eyes
c2/ funky fromage
d1/ pooty call
d2/ mi lápiz es amarillo

May 21, 2007

Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein : movement double cd mix

out on june, 11

track listing

Martin Eyerer mix

01..Duoteque..Amarcord/Mymy Rmx..(Boxer)
02..Matthias Tanzmann..Procon..(Moon Harbour Recordings)
03..Björn Wilke..What If..(Session Deluxe Rec.)
04..James What..Follicle..(Meerestief)
05..Rob Mello..Give Me..(Disco 45)
06..Johnny Wagner..Intercity/Daniel Stefanik Rmx..(Trenton)
07..Schlomi Aber..Freakside..(Ovum Recordings)
08..Elektrochemie..Mucky Star/Dub..(Get Physical Music)
09..Ryan Crosson..Gotham Road/Magda Rmx..(Trapez Ltd)
10..Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein..Monza..(MBF)
11..Heartthrob..Baby Kate/Konroad Black Rmx..(Minus)
12..Martin Eyerer & Toni Rios..Chorizo..(Kickboxer)
13..Plasmik..Mindpattern..(Connaisseur Recordings)
14..Dusty Kid..Cowboys..(Kling Klong Records)

Oliver Klein mix

01..King Roc..Welcome To The Zion/Sebo K & Metro Rmx..(Simple Records Ltd.)
02..D-Nox & Beckers..Shanghigh..(Electribe)
03..Mathias Tanzmann..Nip Slip..(Moon Harbour Recordings)
04..Pascal Feos..Bring The Beat Back/Oliver Klein Rmx..(Level Non Zero)
05..Ray Valioso..Get The Strings?..(Real Soon)
06..G Flame & Mr.G..Give 'N' Take..(Moods & Grooves Records)
07..Random Play..Hovvy Roller..(Puzzle Tracks)
08..Dachshund..Somehow..(Num Records)
09..Rejected..SL 3..(Rejected)
10..Pan/Tone..Tomorrow Never New..(Sub Static Records)
11..Move D..Anne Will/Dennis Karimani Rmx..(Liebe Detail Spezial)
12..Chris Grubber..Marv..(Mutekki)
13..Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein..Tiflis..(MBF)

May 8, 2007

Extrawelt : doch doch remixes (traum)

TRAUM V85 Extrawelt - Remixes Pt1 / Jeff Samuel & Larsson
Part one features on its a-side a remix by Jeff Samuel, one of Extrawelt big favourite producers. Jeff has taken Extrawelts track to a minimal jacking groove, the style he is famous for. He gently takes in footage from the monumental track "Doch Doch" to maintain a lean and funky drive, keeping it bouncy and nice. The flipside comes by Larsson. His remix brings together Detroit and trance which result in some fine spaced out moments making the connection to "Doch Doch" when he brings in the bassline!
Release date: 07.May.2007

TRAUM V86 Extrawelt - Remixes Pt2 / Moonbeam & Patrick Zigo
Part two of the "Doch Doch" remixes features remixes by Moonbeam and Patrick Zigon. Moonbeams "Doch Doch" remix is a good deal more stripped down and rhythmical than their remix of Minilogues “Seconds“, but still comes with a very powerful production. The low key and hypnotic mix makes little changes but introduces picturesque melodies. Patrick Zigons new production comes with a wonderful slack minimal groover, with an emphasis on a swing beat, jacking super cool underneath the surface.
Release date: 07.May.2007