May 8, 2008

festival Aires libres


gratuit et en plein air !

4° édition : les Aires libres prennent la forme d’une vraie saison, d’Est en Ouest du département, des sessions au grand air ou dans les musées, et aux portes de Marseille…

• Sam 17 mai 2008 – Nuit des Musées - Musée départemental de l’Arles Antique – Arles (+ After Aéroclub – Cargo de Nuit – Arles)
• Dim 8 juin 2008 –Domaine départemental de Roques Hautes – Aix-en-Provence/Sainte Victoire
• Sam 5 et Dim 6 juillet 2008 – Parc Jean Moulin – Aubagne (dates à confirmer)
• Dim 7 septembre 2008 – Domaine départemental de Saint Pons – Gemenos/Sainte Baume
• Sam 20 et Dim 21 septembre 2008 – Journées du Patrimoine - Domaine départemental du Château d’Avignon – Saintes Maries de la Mer

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the vynil collection - citizen records

Mar 31, 2008

ellen allien - sool (LP - bpitch control)

out : 26.05.08

1. Einsteigen

Mar 22, 2008

AirbusModular - Destinations (traum v98)

TRAUM V98 AirbusModular “Destinations”
Greek duo AirbusModular will be releasing their debut record "Destination" on Traum in April 08´.
The 3-tracker features the title track on the a-side. The brainy melodic avalanche track "Destinations" has sequences wandering up and down randomly creating a seemingly Latin like flavour. The b-side holds the tracks "Poise" and "Manoeuvres time seconds". "Poise" is a technical but energetic track with lots of different parameters and small details throwing you gently from one corner into the next.
Release date: 07.April 2008

Feb 9, 2008

dominik eulberg - Herbarium

out : 3rd March 2008

A. Kriechender Günsel (Ajuga reptans)
B. Kuckucks - Lichtnelkw (Lychnis flos - cuculi)

Dec 3, 2007

V.A Selection 6 - Triple R aka Riley Reinhold (trapez)

V.A Selection 6 mixed by Triple R (trapez)
Release date: 28 jan 2008

all we love on trapez in 2007 + unrealeased tracks to come in 2008.

triple R is Riley Reinhold.

Riley Reinhold - Secret History (Unreleased)
Bülent Gürler - Koala (Trapez ltd 56)
SLG - Earthworm (Trapez 081)
Reggy Von Oers - Cytric (Trapez ltd 58)
Salvatore Freda & Massimo Stefanelli - Endless Ride (Trapez 075)
Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Dandelion (Trapez ltd 57)
Mihalis Safras - R2 (Unreleased)
Aquilina & Venturi - Disco Bus (Trapez ltd 55)
Alex Under - Trapezones Erectos (Trapez 074)
Mauler - Hybrid (Trapez ltd 54)
3 Channels - It´s Gettin´ Kinda Hectic (Trapez 080)
Lucio Aquilina - Feeling Plastik (Trapez 079)
Massi DL - Wonderland (Trapez 082)
Alex Under - Trapezones Erectos - Mihalis Safras Rmx (Unreleased)
Alexi Delano & Xpansul - El Siete De Oros (Trapez 078)
Reggy Von Oers - Metza (Trapez ltd 58)
Bülent Gürler - Fire (Trapez ltd 59)
Alex Under - Trapezones Erectos - Xpansul Rmx (Unreleased)
Roland Dill - Modus Operandy (Unreleased)
Florian Meindl- Subfocus (Unreleased)
SLG - Rushhour - Bülent Gürler Rmx (Trapez 076)

Bülent Gürler´s "Koala" a great bassy track that was featured by Loco Dice in
his Beatport top3 charts and was supported by Michael Mayer. This track is super cool and
spooky and tore the Womb club in Tokyo to pieces. A track you can only estimate if you
have heard it loud.
SLG´s new groover "Earthworm" breaks into Bülent´s track, being a really cool Chicago
funk track like one of Daniel Bell´s DBX ones.
Holland´s Reggy Van Oers mover "Cytric" follows, mixing Carl Craig stings with minimal
techno, a real exception in the world of minimal today.
It runs into the trancy track "Endless Ride" produced by the wonderful duo from Lausanne:
Salvatore Freda & Massimo Steffanelli. The track got lot´s of support from Laurent Garnier
and the Detroit DJ´s in Europe.
With "Snapdragon" comes a bold and super bassy production. With this speciality from
Berlin Red Robin & Jakob Hilden get everybody moving on the floor. A monumental piece
of techno
Our first Greek artist Mihalis Safras is a madman in the studio, pumping out 2 tracks for
us, this one is unreleased. Mihalis has worked on several Production with Mark Broom,
being released on Minimise, his own label and has now tracks coming out on Trapez ltd.
The "Disco Bus" track by Aquilina & Venturi had all kinds or special DJ´s going wild, Jeff
Samuel freaked out when he heard that track and played it to death, the rhythm is
groundbreaking, people compared it to Audio Werner.
Our hero of the 3rd generation on Trapez Alex Under has experimented during a half year
break and returns to set new standards.
Mauler aka Fabrice Lig, Belgium's best known "Detroit Techno" artist twisting his Roland
101 bassline into heaven

Nov 21, 2007

Gabriel Ananda & Dominik Eulberg : Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee bei Gabriel (TRAUM V93)

out on 03. December 2007

2nd collaboration between these two artists on Traum. Their Harzer Roller 12" was the result of a trip to the Germanys mountain range, the Harz. The story behind this release is based on Dominik Eulberg´s visits to his friend Gabriel Ananda. The weekly visits have become somewhat of a ritual meeting at Gabriel´s factory for some cherry flavoured Danish pastry & jasmine tea. Both top exports of German techno internationally, touring heavily around the globe, these two musicians have always been different to many others seeking the urban live with all it´s extremes... these two draw their strength from the domestic and private set up. To forget about everything that seems to be important and just to communicate with each other was their idea.

Track list
A. NGC 101

B. Supernova

Nov 12, 2007

zander vt - FAR FROM JADED 12" (bpitch)

listen to
a1: far from jaded
a2: jaded
b: after the crash


studio burned down, no electricity, nervous breakdowns, high blood pressure ... but then finally a track that rises like a phoenix and gives new hope, trust and happyness. everything will be fine. new studio, new track, new energy. techno is bouncing and so are zander vt.

far from jaded (a1) has been retreated, like the studio. this track was already used for a mix by ellen allien for the italian magazine trend and gives off the perfect dave clark / red one feeling. the chords are being ridden like an old warhorse, again and again, neverending. but of course they don’t give up - they are chords! zander vt go storm and stress.

storm and stress in jaded as well - not as much as in the other tracks, but still there. in a more romantic way. no bass drums but floating, chintzy pads. techno romance for old gentlemen and young at hearts who get lost in strobe light

Nov 1, 2007

Niederflur (minus)

Inspired by the mechanical cadence of Cologne's subway system, Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner (a.k.a. NIEDERFLUR) probe the depths of the underground transit system with MiniDisc recorders in hand. The duo name each of their tracks after stations on the subway line and sample everything from the pulsing rhythms of the trains to the disembodied recordings announcing the passengers' whereabouts. With their new source materials, Niederflur (German for low-floor tram) turn the esoteric sounds of the subway into some of the most innovative music in minimal techno today.